How Many Customers Do I Have


How Many Customers Do I Have

How many customers do you have? Who are your best customers? These simple questions are more complex to answer than you might think.

Take the example of one family: Mom buys two items for her 14-year-old son. His sister (age 21) has one item delivered to her college campus, and another to her home address. Grandma has been buying from your catalog for years, but has just moved into the family home and hasn’t updated her details… How many customers are there?

The answer could be anywhere between two and six, depending on your ‘counting rules’. The truth can have huge repercussions for your business. 

This eBook provides advice and guidance to highlight how the correct counting rules and a Single Customer View will create a foundation for trustworthy data, analysis and business-changing insights that enable one-to-one personalization and more targeted campaigns.

Find answers to questions including:

  • What is an individual?
  • How do I handle changing contact details?
  • Are all customers equal?