The Inside Track: Digital Experience Platforms

The Inside Track: Digital Experience Platforms

Online content is consumed via phones, tablets, laptops, wearables, smart watches, virtual assistants and other devices. This increasing range of platforms companies need to serve content to creates resource and platform challenges.

Read this eBook if your organization strives to create an exceptional digital experiences across the customer journey. A Digital Experience Platform (DXP) (an umbrella term for multiple products which are complementary to each other and integrate seamlessly) could be the solution.

This eBook covers four considerations before you select your DXP provider:

  • Why a DXP with a content engine at its core is king
  • Why personalization functionality should be built-in to the DXP
  • What to look for when selecting DXP e-commerce capabilities
  • The importance of platform integration for ease of management and maintenance.

This is a must read guide for digital leaders about to start on their digital transformation.