A CMOs Guide to Digital Transformation


A CMOs Guide to Digital Transformation

The Wake Up Call 

A recent report from Forrester Research interestingly titled “The Sorry State of Digital Transformation in 2018” reminds us all that digital transformation has a long way to go to reach full maturity in most companies and it certainly is not something that can be put in the ‘too hard pile’. We must face the reality that now is the time that we must invest in developing a digital transformation strategy and taking massive action. 

Taking action can mean very different things to different companies. Depending on your company’s past appetite for risk and innovation, you might be well on the way to profound change or you might need to make a massive shift. What you need to do will differ widely. 

Discover how to plan, strategize, lead, and build an effective digital transformation. Download your copy of ‘A CMO's Guide to Digital Transformation' here to learn:   

  • How and why the CMO must drive a digital transformation project
  • What steps to take to enable an actionable transformation process
  • How to build the teams and skills critical for success
  • Expectation setting and KPIs