Referral success in the Fashion Sector

Mention Me

Referral success in the Fashion Sector

Everyone knows word of mouth is an effective channel for acquiring new customers, but few businesses systematically drive the channel through a dedicated referral programme.

Often, it sits as a request from the marketing team on the development pipeline year after year. Or perhaps worse, a referral programme is built, fails to deliver and is then neglected and marked down as a failed endeavour.

In these situations it’s easy to assume that referral will never work. Mention Me know that fashion businesses can be particularly successful at driving referrals. Mention Me work with over 100 fashion and accessories brands.

Success depends on approaching the challenge in the right way and investing in discovering the keys to unlock the channel.

Learn how to make the referral channel work for your business. This guide will help you:

  • Develop a strong case for referral
  • Encourage referral at points of customer delight
  • Enable customers to tell their friends
  • Find the right incentives
  • Plan for long term success
  • Discover how other fashion brands have developed their referral programmes