From Search to Sale: The Modern Online Customer Journey

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From Search to Sale: The Modern Online Customer Journey

A significant challenge which marketers face is truly getting into the minds of their customers. Learning the sentiments, intentions, opinions and personalities of those who engage, and who you want to, with your business online can help you to create a digital marketing strategy that improves customer acquisition, customer loyalty and online conversions.

Depending on where a potential lead is in the customer journey, the different factors that influence their decision to move through the buying funnel can vary significantly.

This process is further confused by the development of technology – the customer buyer journey is no longer linear, and an individual may move up, down and sideways through the customer buyer journey before making a purchase. In this whitepaper you will discover

  • How the customer journey is changing
  • The challenges brands are facing because of these changes
  • How to define your own customer journey

Download this in-depth whitepaper and delve into the future of the customer journey.