Ratings and Reviews in Above-the-Line Advertising


Ratings and Reviews in Above-the-Line Advertising

ATL advertising refers to more conventional media such as television, radio, print and billboards, as opposed to digital channels such as websites, online display advertising and email.

The research seeks to understand the importance of ratings and reviews in consumer decision-making at a more general level, as well as the value of using specific Trustpilot assets, such as the logo, stars, ‘TrustScore’ (Trustpilot's proprietary rating) and reviews.

A survey of 2,000 UK consumers carried out by London Research found that ratings and reviews are the most important sources of information for consumers when they are in buying mode, ahead of a range of other digital and offline touchpoints including search engines, ecommerce platforms and television advertising.

A separate London Research survey of advertisers within Trustpilot’s database looked the extent to which companies were harnessing Trustpilot assets in their marketing activities.

The overwhelming majority of advertisers who are either using or considering the use of Trustpilot in ATL advertising activity regard trust-building as a ‘major benefit’. The second most important business benefit cited by advertisers is the creation of a more customer-friendly brand.

The key findings within this 22-page PDF include.

  • Ratings and reviews are the most important sources of information in the consumer buying decision-making process
  • Trustpilot increases consumer trust and the likelihood that people will buy from a brand
  • Many brands are missing an opportunity to harness Trustpilot in their above-the-line advertising

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