Customer Data Excellence

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Customer Data Excellence

The Customer Data Excellence report, produced by London Research in partnership with BlueVenn, looks at how companies are harnessing customer data platforms (CDPs) to provide better customer experiences and improved business performance.

The research is based on a global survey of just under 200 companies with annual revenues of at least $50m. The report also contains a seven-stage Customer Data Maturity Model to help give marketers greater clarity and structure around what they are trying to achieve with a CDP.

This maturity model, developed by Home Agency Martech Director Andrew Campbell, is aimed at helping marketers:

  • Define and prioritize their customer experience requirements
  • Rigorously translate these into customer data requirements
  • Audit their current capabilities
  • Define a data and technology roadmap aligned to their business goals
  • Adopt an integrated approach to leveraging (and monetizing) customer data
  • Identify and unlock synergies across their marketing programs

As well as analysis of survey findings, the report contains commentary from CDP Institute Founder David Raab.